Shinto ritual

小向神社 | Shinto ritual

From January to March

January 1st Gantan sai
February 21st Kinen sai
March 21st Shunbun sai

From April to June

April 9th Tachibana Moribe sai,Inari sai
June 30th The end of rice planting festival

From July to September

Hachiouji sai,traditional festival  lasting for 300 years is held
July 21st Tsushima sai
August 13th Hachiouji sai
September 10th Ichimokuren sai,Tenpaku sai

From October to December

Ofuda of shrine will be distributed
October 11th Autumn Festibal
November 15th Shichi-go-san
December 11th Niiname sai
December 31st Oharai sai